2016 Amateur Art Show Call for Artists

Get your brushes, paints, pencils and canvas ready! The Plaza Arts Center is calling all Amateur Fine Artists to submit their work for the 5th Annual Fine Art Show taking place April 16th through the 28th. Applications and photos of work will be accepted through Saturday, March 12, 2016.

View the Application and Rules.

2012 Amateur Fine Art Show Winners

Category: Still Life

  • Honorable Mention to Marsha Sichveland for "Irises"
  • Honorable Mention to Esther Farley for"Rock Bridge"
  • Third Place ribbon to Tommie Boyer for "Radishes"
  • Second Place ribbon to Anthony Thomas for "Day's End"
  • First Place ribbon to Bonnie Gregor for California Fruit"

Category: Portraits

  • Honorable Mention to Esther Farley for "The good Shepherd"
  • Third Place ribbon to Joanna Ralston for "Autumn Pears"
  • Second Place Ribbon to Janet Rodekohr for "Creeping Cat"
  • First Place ribbon to Shelly Thrower for "Innocence"

Category: Abstract/Contemporary

  • Third Place ribbon to Katherine Wibell for "Seascape"
  • Second Place ribbon to Ian Swain for "Bridle"
  • First Place ribbon to Ian Swain for "Defamation"

Category: Traditional

  • Honorable Mention to Anthony Thomas for "Mother's Love"
  • Third Place ribbon to Marsha Sichveland for "Museum in Arles, France"
  • Second Place ribbon to Esther Farley for "Enchanted Walk"
  • First Place ribbon to Candice Russell for "Starfish"

Category: Landscape

  • Honorable Mention to Chet Vier for "Heron"
  • Honorable Mention to Charlotte Stapler for "Almost Home"
  • Third Place ribbon to Rick Espelage for "Winter's Cloak"
  • Second Place ribbon to Tommie Boyter for "Faux Framed"
  • First Place ribbon to Chet Vier for "Wally and Me"

The People's Choice Award was tallied after the show closed. The winner is Tommie Boyter for "My Vermeer Girl"